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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 2, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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their incredible service to our country and the sacrifices that they make. obviously our thoughts and prayers are with the entire community. >> it's a terrible tragedy, we know that. we know there are casualties. both people killed and injured. we don't have all the facts yet. we will get those. >> as the president mentioned, ft. hood was also the scene of 2009 massacre that killed 13 people and injured 30 others. >> we've had four patients that are actually here now and two more than en route. they have had a variety of injuries we've been treating, ranging from gunshot wounds that involved extremities, abdomen, chest and neck. >> that was the worst mass murder at a military installation in u.s. history. the gunman, major nidal hasan
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was found guilty and sentenced to death. >> we'll continue to follow that story, but there are -- another major story to bring you. there are more than 100 chinese victims of a travel agency fraud in san francisco and police expect that number will grow along with the losses now in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. reporter vic lee is live in chinatown with the story you'll see only on abc 7 news, vic. >> reporter: many are relatives who pooled their money together to see their relatives in china, others are those who saved for a very long time. all of them bought their fake tickets, unfortunately, at the amuse travel agency here at chinatown and at a branch office in millbrae. by the way, this is very similar to another big fraud case in chinatown years ago. it happened six years ago here in chinatown. angry clients gathering at the abandoned office of a travel
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agency trying to get their money back. more than 100 mostly elderly chinese defrauded when they bought fake tickets to china. now it's happening again. >> of course very upset, i cried. i was so week the whole week after i knew that -- the closure of the business. >> reporter: this woman does not want to be identified but she is the victim of a fraudulent travel agency operation. one of more than 100 people who have filed reports with police. captain joe mcfadden showed us an enormous flowchart. bottom line, losses totaling more than $260,000 so far. mcfadden says their main suspect is raymond shu. he aruptly shut down his chinatown office. captain mcfadden said it was an all cash business. >> they were offering tickets to china without going through a broker, and they weren't
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legitimate tickets when these people tried to turn them in. >> reporter: the victim we spoke with bought a ten-day package for two to hong kong, airline tickets and hotel included. >> i paid $4,000 for my trip to hong kong in june. the travel agency just took away my money and disappeared. >> reporter: afterwards, she did have some suspicions that something was wrong. >> the travel agency didn't even issue a ticket to me. they just give me a receipt, an itinerary of the trip and then they tell me that everything will be okay. >> reporter: a couple of days later, the travel agency shut its doors and there was no trace of the business. >> the website is gone. i called the 1-800 number, nobody answered. >> reporter: captain mcfadden said this type of fraud is all too common in ethnic communities. >> the suspects prey on people that are vulnerable to it that only speak chinese or don't have the ability to go elsewhere. >> reporter: police say if you're a victim, go to the
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nearest police station and file a report. vic lee, abc 7 news. angry reaction tonight by san bruno city officials to pg&e's response to 12 federal safety charges, a result of an investigation after the deadly san bruno blast. san bruno's mayor says he is upset after the utility released a taped statement and refused to answer questions yesterday following the federal indictment. >> they keep calling this an accident and they keep talking about what they have done and what they're going to do in the future. this was not an accident. this could have been prevented. and because of pg&e and the lack of oversight by our own public utilities commission, eight people lost their lives. eight people died. >> pg&e faces a maximum half million dollar fine for each of the 12 charges. the mayor wants the book thrown at pg&e with the maximum fine possible, $3.8 billion.
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pg&e refused to answer questions again today, referring us to yesterday's statement once again. well, developing news for the city of oakland tonight. just a short time ago we confirmed that the city administrator is leaving after just one month on the job. fred plaqblack well is leaving become the ceo of the san francisco organization. he applied while he was still an assistant city administrator for oakland. he was appointed after deanna santana left. now his replacement has named. henry gardner is named as oakland's city administrator, effective june 15th. as mr. blackwell leaves, will seek council confirmation. some may remember henry gardner, the city manager in the '80s and '90s. he starts work in mid-may. an ex-san francisco firefighter charged with hitting a motorcyclist while driving drunk appeared in court the first time today.
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michael quinn is free on $100,000 bail for last june's accident. he was reassigned shortly afterward. the i-team first brought you the surveillance tape of the crash at fifth and market. really hard to watch. quinn faces felony counts that could put him in prison for three years. >> the first count is driving under the influence causing injury. the second count is driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher causing injury. and the third count is driving a commercial vehicle with a 0.04 or higher causing injury. >> 49-year-old jack frazier is recovering from broken ribs and a punctured lung he suffered when thrown into a fire hydrant. a big change in the defense team in the corruption case against state senator leland yee. his attorney was replaced with james lesart to defend the politician against corruption and gun trafficking charges. a new attorney will represent key defendant raymond chow. former federal prosecutor martha
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borsh was assigned to the case. she says she'll consider an entrapment defense. >> just reading through the affidavit, it's pretty clear that most of these alleged criminal acts were done at the behest of and on the idea of the fbi undercover agents. >> both chow and yee are expected back in court april 8th. the contra costa county coroner has identified the man pulled from his car in a pittsburg canal. sky 7 was over the canal on leland road when fire crews arrived. they found 56-year-old dennis sandoval strapped inside that upside down car. an employee at a nearby golf course called police to report a car in the canal. sandoval has been missing since last night. he called his family around 5:00 to say he was on his way home but sadly never made it. a santa cruz cab driver has been arrested in a sexual
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assault case that adds insult to injury. police accuse the 53-year-old man of picking up a drunken 30-year-old woman, taking her to a motel and using her own money to rent a room where he had sex with her. police say when they found the driver, he had a key to the motel room and drugs in his possession. officials say he even does not have a permit to drive a cab in santa cruz. happening now, protesters are gathered in several cities around the bay to protest a supreme court decision. justices striking down the limits on campaign donations. lyanne melendez is live with more. >> reporter: dan, there are protests not only here in san francisco but in oakland, berkeley and walnut creek. the one here in front of city hall is winding down, it was a brief one. the vote was 5-4 pitting the first amendment against the efforts to prevent political corruption.
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>> so we are it, we are democracy. >> reporter: the san francisco gathering was one of many nationwide meant to protest the supreme court's decision to strike down a cap on political donations. the court's majority said limiting the number of candidates a person can donate to is unconstitutional. the reason? it would restrict a person's first amendment rights to choose who shall govern them. the former vice chair of the republican party in san francisco. >> americans need to be able to have all the tools available to advance their opinions and their ideas. and when we're limited in the scope of the tools that we can use to advance our ideas, we're limited in our freedom. >> reporter: but the four justices in the minority, led by justice steven briar wrote the decision understates the importance of protecting the political integrity of our governmental institutions. under today's ruling, there are some things that will stay the same. for example, a donor cannot give more than $2600 to a single candidate but can now give to as
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many campaigns as he or she wants. the previous $123,000 cap has been lifted. justice clarence thomas wanted to wipe out all limits. speaking for the majority, chief justice john roberts wrote the government may no more restrict how many candidates or causes that a donor may support than it can tell a newspaper how many candidates it may endorse. john burton is the chair of california's democratic party. >> it used to be you voted for a certain political party and you knew what you got. now you just vote for, you know, whoever can spend the most money and tell the most lies on television. >> reporter: burton says looking ahead, today's decision would most certainly affect the upcoming midterm elections. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. there's much more ahead in our next half hour, including another protest against shuttle buses in san francisco. this time protesters took things
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a step further. also, the concern in the east bay over a diesel spill and the team effort it took to keep the whole thing in check. i'm spencer christian. live doppler 7 hd shows sunny skies around the bay area right now, just a few clouds in the sky, but there is more rain on the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. you have tax questions. these people in the 7 on your side office have tax answers. here's the number, 954-7621.
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fire and hazmat crews spent
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the morning containing a fuel leak at an alameda marina, trying to keep it from spreading to nearby crown beach. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story tonight. >> reporter: a water rescue team from the alameda fire department wasted little time this morning deploying their boat, part of a larger effort to contain a fuel spill. >> we came out with an engine company. we identified that it was widespread throughout the marina. we immediately shut down the ma reapa. >> reporter: with a light sheen on the water, fire crews from oakland and alameda were taking no chances, deploying 300 feet of boom to seal off the area and keep what appeared to be diesel fuel from spreading. while they worked to con tape the spill, they tried to determine the source of the leak. by early afternoon the coast guard and fish & wildlife personnel determined that the fuel was contained and posed no
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significant environmental risk. >> we do have birds that are in the area and it's not like they're picking up oil on their feathers or anything, so i don't see the likelihood of that being very great. >> reporter: there was no damage reported to any of the boats here at the marina. the spill was contained. the source of it never located. laura anthony, abc 7 news. opponents of private tech company shuttles rolling around the bay area blocked and climbed on a bus today in oakland. it was around 7:30 this morning when 15 to 20 demonstrators drove up with a car stylized to look like a hearse and brought signs that read capital is the driver, gentrification is the vehicle, techies on the bus. the event was in protest to san francisco supervisors voting to continue with the pilot program allowing tech shuttles to use muni bus stops for $1 per stop. here it is april 2nd.
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believe it or not, just two weeks remain until the dreaded april 15th tax deadline. >> ugh. but fear not, michael finney is back with your tax hotline ready to take your questions. >> hey, have you guys done your taxes yet? >> we're working on it. >> almost. >> okay. then you guys need to call this number then. 415-954-7621 because we have got experts, a lot of experts here in the 7 on your side offices. we have the irs, golden gate society of enrolled agents, california society of cpas, tax aid, united way, earn it, keep it, save it, and they're all answering your questions, whatever they may be about your taxes that are due in less than two weeks. i want to talk to the irs' rafael toledo. when should people be expecting their refunds? >> 10 to 21 days assuming an e-filed return with direct deposit. that's the easiest and quickest
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way to your refund is a paperless return. >> if you go old school and file a paper and you want a check back, that takes a while? >> four to six weeks and maybe the latter of that as we get a lot of volume in april. we get almost a third of all returns in april. a lot of folks waiting until the last minute. so much easier, more convenient to get to a computer and hit enter. >> the earlier you file, the quicker you get them back? >> it depends where you hit the cycle. there's a lull february into march. once you get to april, a lot of volume in april. >> any interesting calls tonight? >> disability, i'm retired, should i open a roth ira, traditional ira, can i claim my son as a dependent, all over the board. >> excellent. i'm glad you're here to answer, thanks so much. the irs and enrolled agents and cpas show up every single year to answer your questions. you ought to take advantage of it. here's the telephone number again. 415-954-7621. we'll be here until 8:00 tonight
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so call all the way until then. get your paperwork together and give us a call. reporting live, i'm michael finney. >> all right, michael, thank you. the rain is gone, but it did leave behind some damage that is still being dealt with. the biggest mess we'll show you was in oakland. that's where a giant oak tree came down around 10:00 last night and damaged four cars on el dorado avenue. fortunately nobody was hurt and the tree fell away from homes. you can see it in that picture right there. four homes did lose power, but neighbors say given the size of that tree it certainly could have been a whole lot worse. take a look at this, yosemite national park tweeted a picture today. it's captioned "winter has returned to yosemite valley." >> that's a lovely shot. >> you can see the gorgeous snow-covered granite walls and trees along with a layer of low fog. yosemite, gorgeous. >> well, the rain is gone for the time being. >> okay.
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no more shots in yosemite? >> that was a beautiful shot, though. we've got rain coming in in the next 48 hours. even sooner than that actually. more like the next 36 hours. here's live doppler 7 hd showing clear skies right now. we have just a few scattered puffs of cumulus clouds around but our rainfall totals over the last 72 hours bear some consideration. look at these, over 2 inches of rain in the last three days at santa rosa, over 2 inches of rain at mt. st. helena, an inch and a half at sfo, inch and a quarter at oakland. right now we're looking at main be blue sky from our east bay hills camera. the presunset sky. temperature readings, 56 in san francisco. right around or just above 60 in oakland, redwood city, san jose and los gatos. looking northwestern toward the richmond san rafael bridge, a mainly blue sky. more temperatures for you. 59 at santa rosa and napa 56.
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petaluma is 60 apiece at fairfield, concord and livermore. a beautiful view of the southwestern sky. actually this is pretty much western, from mt. tam. the sun will officially set, by the way, at 7:34 this evening. partly cloudy tomorrow. light rain arrives friday morning and then we'll have a warming trend. i mean a significant warming trend beginning on saturday continuing through tuesday. but right now let's take a look at the approaching rain maker on our satellite/radar composite image. this cold front will bring us a little rainfall. 11:00 thursday night rain will be just offshore to our northwest but by the beginning of rush hour friday morning, 5:00, we'll see patches of wet weather and more preparing to move onshore. and then by noon and into the afternoon hours we'll see more widespread rainfall. once again, we do expect it to be mainly light but there could be some locally heavy downpours or at least moderate downpours. by friday evening it will be mainly over, just followed by a
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few clouds. as we look ahead to rainfall totals, our projections are by friday evening no more than a quarter inch to half an inch in the higher elevations of the bay area. so not a very big rainfall event but rain nonetheless. overnight increasing clouds, temperatures ranging from low to mid-40s, a little chillier in the north bay valleys. santa rosa and napa will see highs in the upper 30s. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy, clouds will increase later in the day. low to mid-60s on the peninsula, upper 50s on the coast, 60 degrees downtown san francisco. low 60s generally in the north bay valleys, low to mid-60s in the near east bay and low to mid-60s in the inland east bay. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. light rain on friday, drying out and warming up over the weekend and by monday and tuesday, we'll see inland highs in the low to mid-80s. that is a dramatic difference from the weather we've seen so far this week and i'm sure we'll
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welcome it. >> awesome for the giants home opener tuesday. >> yeah, great baseball weather. >> thank you, spencer. b.a.r.t. riders spoke and the transit agency listened. >> coming up, a sneak peek at what the new b.a.r.t. trains will look like. and watch abc is now available to dish customers who want to watch us online or on smart phones or tablets. go to and click on the watch abc logo. >> you can search watches abc in your app store. download the app, it's easy and it really works. we'll be right back. cool dog, what's his name. pepper jack. hey pepper jack. ruff ruff, ruff ruff. he's a spicy one. annnnnd... delicious. tillamook pepper jack, tastes better because it's made better.
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another mile stone for the original eastern span of the bay bridge. contractors have begun to cut the span's cantilever in half. they are cutting the bridge into two sections in their efforts to take the entire thing apart. you can soon get a sneak peek at b.a.r.t.'s newly designed trains. they have built a model and b.a.r.t. wants you to check out the interior and exterior. they gave us this preview and there will be ten events from aaron 16th to may 9th. you can walk through the model train car and give b.a.r.t. your feedback. the first event is at justin herman plaza on wednesday at 11:00 a.m. the new cars are expected to go into service in 2017. well, from trains to planes.
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a bit of the irish just came to san francisco international airport and this time it is not a new bar. just a few hours ago air lingus landed its flight from dublin to san francisco. they are offering five direct routes per week between the two cities. tech companies are driving the irish economy these days so a direct flight between dublin and san francisco is just a natural fit. >> nearly all of the big silicon valley companies, facebook, twitter, have their headquarters in ireland and we're increasing seeing irish people going backwards and forwards for training and vice versa. >> you'll be able to get to dublin in just under 11 hours. tonight at 11:00, michael finney looks at whether this new air service is good for consumers. there is much more ahead in our next half hour. seaworld visits the state capital to defend one of its main attractions. the bill that would ban killer whale shows at amusement parks.
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also microsoft rolls out a virtual assistant for your smartphone that is like no other. she even sings. and 7 on your side's tax hotline is under way. here's a live look. experts are standing by right there to answer your last-minute tax questions in spanish, and chinese as well. the number is 415-954-7621.
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good evening again. we'll begin the half hour updating the breaking news that we've been following all evening, the shooting at ft. hood, texas. four people are dead, four others injured from the shooting on that military post. >> we are told the shooter was a soldier from the base. a law enforcement official now says there's no indication that the shooting is related to terrorism. the gunman is one of the four dead. he apparently shot and killed himself. the injuries of the surviving victims range from serious to critical. ft. hood, by the way, is near killeen, texas, just a place for you. it's north of austin and south of dallas. speaking in chicago after the
6:31 pm
tragedy, president obama said he is following the situation closely and the incident brings back painful memories of the 2009 mass shooting at ft. hood. 13 people died that time and 30 others were wounded in that shooting. let's show you a live look at reporters and others waiting in the dark right now outside ft. hood for a news conference to update the situation there. we expect the commanding officer may speak to the media shortly. our breaking news continues now on twitter but stay with us right here for this news conference if it happens in the next few minutes. representatives from seaworld paid a contentious visit to the capitol today. they're defending the orca shows at their san diego park. a new bill is calling for a ban on those shows and on the captive breeding of killer whales. rob hayes has the story. >> reporter: when most people think of seaworld, they think of one thing. killer whales, orcas, and more
6:32 pm
specifically shamu. it's a brand seaworld has crafted for decades, but it's a brand that is now under serious attack. the 2013 documentary "black fish" targeted seaworld's treatments and breeding of orcas. the film focused on the killer whale tilacum who was involved in the killer of a seaworld trainer in 2010. the backlashes prompted a california legislator that would propose a till to ban breeding and performances in the state. >> the practice of keeping orcas captive for human amusement must end. >> reporter: seaworld has been fighting back, now making its case in sacramento. >> the whales are healthy and thriving. >> reporter: christopher is trying to get the message out to legislators voting on the ban. seaworld officials have blasted the documentary calling it the misleading propaganda of animal
6:33 pm
rights activists. it even set up its own website to refute the argument. >> there's not only disinformation in the movie but blatant falsehood. >> their argument is based on half-truths and mischaracterizations. so the whales that live at seaworld, because we know them, we see them and we work with them every day are thriving. >> reporter: losing the orcas wouldn't just hurt seaworld, any loss of revenue, he says, would be felt lie the park's other beneficial programs. >> the revenue they bring in fuels our rescue and rehabilitation program. it fuels the science that we're able to do with the whales appeared the other animals at seaworld. >> reporter: right now federal laws govern the care and study of orcas and the proposed california law would have no effect on any of seaworld's parks outside of the state. the bill is set to go before the legislature next week. in los angeles, rob hayes, abc 7 news. in 2012, six flags,
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discovery kingdom in vallejo sent its only killer whale to san diego. he had been at discovery kingdom since 2004. the move was made so she could be with other orcas. she was not getting along with her dolphin companion in vallejo. stocks are up for a fourth day with one index hitting a record high. the dow was up 40 points to 16,573. the nasdaq rose 8 to 4276 and the s&p 500 closed up 5 points to a record 1890. lowe's has agreed to pay an $18 million settlement for illegally disposing of hazardous waste over the past six years. 32 district attorneys and three city attorneys wor involved in alameda county superior court. officials say lowe's has agreed to change its policies. tesla is suing new jersey over the right to sell cars in the state. last month state officials amended regulations to prohibit companies from making direct sales, as tesla does.
6:35 pm
and amazon has introduced fire tv, a streaming entertainment box that attaches to your television. users will be able to watch content from amazon, hulu, netflix, youtube and espn and play games. it also can be voice controlled. it's a competitor to google's chrome cast, apple tv and roku. it's an old company under new management and today microsoft heralded big changes to come with a keynote at its developer's conference in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom was there as they unveiled the new face and voice of windows. >> the new ceo of microsoft, mr. nadella. >> reporter: he took the stage nearly three hours into a marathon keynote. it began with a new version of windows phone that adds an instant skype button like apple's facetime and google now. >> we think when a phone knows you you have a better experience with it.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: there's a speedy new keyboard. >> now the world record holder for fastest typing on a smartphone. >> reporter: but it still lags behind the others in apps. microsoft wants to change that. >> it's my pleasure to introduce universal windows apps. >> reporter: just like it sounds, developers can build one app that will adjust itself to run on your phone, tablet, soon even your xbox and, yes, your desktop pc. speaking of those, they're finally fixing windows 8. >> run your windows applications with the new start menu. >> reporter: it's hardly new. the start menu has been around almost 20 years, but microsoft removed it in windows 8 and users revolted. now they're back tracking to make the new touchable windows a little better for the old keyboard and mouse. if you have 8.1, the update is free. but the announcement likely to be the most talked about is one that's doing quite a bit of talking itself, or more accurately herself. >> hi. i'm cortana. >> reporter: she is named after a figure in the halo video
6:37 pm
games. just like her name sake, she's artificially intelligent. >> i'll add dentist appointments to your calendar. just so you know, you have to pick up christina from airport at the same time. >> reporter: and unlike siri, she is open to app developers so you can do this. >> hulu, add dead beat to my queue. >> reporter: the thousands of developers here at the build conference can't wait to teach her new tricks. >> sing me a song. >> reporter: but as for ordinary users. >> i'm sorry, dave, i'm afraid i can't do that. >> reporter: the windows phone update will roll out slowly over the next few months. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> maybe she can sing a duet with you, dan. >> i'll try. the new grocery superstores that are opening up in the bay area. >> despite cheaper prices, not everyone is celebrating. we'll explain.ts that staying
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on budget can be a real bear. at's why... that's why... they've got lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week... life's just a little sweeter with delicious red seedless grapes just $1.99/lb. clean up with bounty paper towels, only $8.99 for 8 large rolls and honey bunches of oats are just $1.88. there's more savings to safeway. ingredients for life.
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the future of the grocery business is being played out right here in the bay area. >> walmart opened a new market in the south bay today that promises to speed up shopping, but it's also putting more pressure on the competition.
6:41 pm
>> it really is. the walmart market is on mission college boulevard off highway 101 in santa clara. we take you inside to show you why they contend is smaller is suddenly better. >> reporter: this so-called small format grocery only store is one-fourth the size of a full-size walmart and it represents some of the changes coming to bay area supermarkets. walmart says it's designed to get shoppers in and out in 15 minutes during the week and in an hour on the weekends. you could double that number in a much larger store where you might get held up with people buying furniture or appliances. it's also aimed at capitalizing on a shift in consumer spending. >> you see more and more consumers shopping at the deep discounters at the low end or a special retailer on the high end so the middle is getting rationalized. >> reporter: shoppers at this new market say they expect to shop less at safeway.
6:42 pm
>> nowadays you have to go where you can get a bang for your buck. and the store is gorgeous, the quality is good, the variety is unbelievable. >> reporter: safeway is facing change too under new ownership. some of its underperforming stores may close and with that high-paid union employees might lose their jobs. the nonunion employees at walmart are paid an average of $13.75 an hour while a union journeyman earns $21 an hour plus $9 in benefits. roger worked at safeway before joining walmart and he believes the smaller store will give customers a big benefit. >> you have products that will be fresher because they're held in smaller quantities. it's not the huge display so they're easier to maintain. >> reporter: the concept of a small store can be deceiving. yes, it's smaller than the big walmart but this store is only 4,000 square feet smaller than a typical safeway store. ultimately consumers have to decide what level of service they want. at this walmart market, for example, there are no butchers
6:43 pm
and for now no organic vegetables as there are at other grocery chains. all right, stay with us. michael finney is up next. >> he'll be with the experts to answer all your tax questions. the seven on your side tax hotline is in full swing. we'll be here until 8:00. there's the telephone number, [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of ncaa march madness.
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call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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6:46. you know what that means? just a little more than an hour to call our 7 on your side tax hotline. >> it's a great resource and michael finney is standing by live in the 7 on your side world headquarters tonight. >> hey, good afternoon you guys. we do this this time of year every single year, we have for decades. what we want to do is answer your tax questions. we've got all these experts here solving your problems and giving you the answers you need to file your tax return correctly. the telephone number is 415-954-7621. if you can't get through today and you're low income, you'll want to talk to carrie lee or one of the people she works
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with. you're with tax aid, correct? >> that's correct. >> what is that? >> it's a nonprofit organization founded in 1988 and we do free income tax returns for low income families around the bay area. >> so how do people find you guys? do they come in personally? >> you come in with all your tax forms to one of our sites, we have 30 around the bay area. find us on and we take care of everything for you. >> from there. okay. when we say low income, what are the dollar figures we're talking about so people will know whether to get in touch with you? >> we serve low income families with income under $52,000. >> and that's for a family of four, i guess? >> it's a family, entire family. >> thank you very much, carrie lee tax aid. we will put this information on our website so you can find it. and as dan just said earlier, we're going to be here up until 8:00, so please give us a call,
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415-954-7621. reporting live from the 7 on your side world headquarters, i'm michael finney. >> thanks, michael. excellent job, good work. how about we turn things over to spencer in the abc 7 weather world headquarters. >> we do have more rain in sight but at the moment there's not a hint of it. live doppler 7 hd shows sunny skies around the bay area right now, but clouds will be thickening overnight and during the day tomorrow. even statewide we'll see an increase in clouds tomorrow and even some rain up in the northernmost reaches of the state. eureka will be a little showery as will chico. here in the bay area, we'll see clouds thickening but there will be filtered sunshine. high temperatures in the afternoon mainly in the low to mid-60s around the bay and inland, upper 50s to about 60 on the coast and here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast as we have countdown to the rain. friday morning we'll see rain moving through and it actually may last until the afternoon hours before it tapers off giving way to a sunny and dry weekend. some really warm weather beginning over the weekend and
6:49 pm
continuing into next week. we'll see high temperatures into the low to mid-80s. >> awesome. >> that's going to be really nice. >> good baseball weather. >> great baseball weather. >> let's talk baseball. >> let's talk about it, larry. >> larry. >> it's not my fault, i didn't do anything. he's counting down the rain, i'm counting down to the weekend. i don't know what we're talking about. the a's have big expectations for pitcher scott of the prelat. i have flat feet. i learned where the stress was at the dr.scholl's foot mapping center. then i got my number, which matched the custom fit orthotic inserts with the right support. find your closest foot mapping center at i'm a believer.
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good evening. after two days of rain, the grounds crew in oakland was at the ballpark before 5:00 a.m. today to get the field ready for the day/night doubleheader with the a's and indians. scott kazmir more than ready. the two-time all star, he was 10-9 last year with the tribe. insider knowledge on his ex-teammates. bottom of the first, the first hit of the season knocking in coco crisp. 2-0, runners at the corners in the second. carlos santana throws home, the
6:53 pm
tag, out. bob melvin says i'd like to see a replay and use my challenge. hard to tell after looking at the review. they looked at it for a while and said, yeah, he's still out. first pitch in the third. high, deep and aloha. two-run bomb to right. first tunnel celebration of the season for the a's. a's win game one of the day/night twin bill. kazmir 7 1/3, strikes out of five of his old teammates. >> they know me, i know them. it's a cat an mouse game. they know my tendencies and what i like to do. you kind of have to keep that in mind. you know, first one of the year, something i'm going to build on and hopefully carry on through the rest of the year. >> game two is under way. josh lindbloom starting for oakland. 2-0 a's in the second and the giants and d-backs just under way in the desert. dueling no-hitters in
6:54 pm
milwaukee. high heat right there. both took their no-nos to the seventh where is which both lost them. chris johnson with a solo bomb off of garza. only run of the game. braves shut out the brewers 1-0. coming off their dramatic overtime win last night in dallas, the warriors travel to san antonio to face the hottest, the best team in the nba, the spurs who have won 18 in a row and 30 straight regular season games against the warriors. turnovers, tony parker easy layup. this was like a dunk-a-thon for the spurs early on. jordan crawford, lesson off the bench for golden state, right now they're trailing 61-44 early in the third quarter. the stanford women's hoops team have a 33-3 record heading to the final four in nashville where pretty much nobody believes they have a chance. stanford beat north carolina
6:55 pm
last night in the regional final, earning a spot in the final four. the problem is who they're playing on sunday, undefeated connecticut. the same uconn women who won 44 straight going back to last season and beat the cardinal back in november 76-57. >> if they just wanted a connecticut/notre dame showdown, what did they make us do this for? where's the excitement? i think everyone last year thought baylor was going to win. obviously they didn't. our coaches and team will work really hard to play better than we did last time at connecticut in the opening game. >> not conceding anything. cal bowed out in the second round of the ncaas. they have a bright future. we featured the st. mary's of berkeley stars a couple of weeks ago. today they were in chicago for the mcdonald's all american game and helped the west squad to a victory over the eef. wall-to-wall nfl scouts in south carolina today to watch
6:56 pm
jadeveon clowney's pro day. he goes 6'5", 266. he's the top defensive player in the upcoming nfl draft. could go number one overall to the houston texans. former cal star desean jackson made it official today signing with the redskins. three-year deal worth $24 million. he's taking 10 mill with philly. 16 is guaranteed. jackson was abruptly cut by the eagles who didn't like his attitude or some of his off-field friends but robert griffin iii, rg3, now has a new favorite target in d.c. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> it's going to be very interesting to see desean in the nation's capital. >> he's explosive. >> he is a dynamic player. >> thank you, larry. join me tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13 and with kristen at 11:00, we'll have the latest on our developing story, that deadly shooting at ft. hood. also at 9:00, a new medical discovery, why you should be paying closer attention to vitamin d. then at 11:00, the local
6:57 pm
ride share start-up that lets you snag a seat on a private plane. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> i know you'll like that, right? that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. our kuncoverage of breaking new continues on twitter. >> we want to leave you with one more live picture from 7 on your side where the tax hotline is open for the next hour. the number is 415-954-7621. for al
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades. let's meet today's former champions from our third decade. he was a graduate student when he won the tournament of champions in 2004. since then, he completed his phd in atmospheric science and is now teaching at colorado state university. from fort collins, colorado, here's... she was a graduate student at u.c. berkeley in season 24 t woman to win more than 5 gamest n and set the regular-play winnings record for a female champion. now she's an editor for academic competitions living in richmond, california. here's... and he was a writer when he won eight games in season 22. now he's a personal trainer, filmmaker, and singer. from st. louis, missouri, here's...
7:00 pm
and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hi, everyone. this is turning into quite a week. if the past is prologue, i can't wait to see what happens in this half-hour. tom, you weren't trying to intimidate me with that macho pose, were you? yes, i was. [ laughter ] did it work? no. [ laughter ] good luck, guys. here we go with the jeopardy! round. and these categories now in play. ...with "s-e-l-f" in quotation marks. well, since it's my favorite kind of picture, i'm gonna go with "self-e"s for $200, please. russ.


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